In Kubernetes, by default all the Persistent Volumes are accessible only by the root user. However you can modify the application pod spec to allow a specific set of users to access the Persistent Volume as explained below.

Modify the application POD spec

You can modify the PodSecurityContext section of a Pod to include an fsGroup field. Here is a snippet of a pod spec file

    # Allow non-root user to access PersistentVolume
      fsGroup: 1000

The fsGroup field specifies that the given special supplemental group with ID 1000 is associated with all Containers in the Pod. When you specify a fsGroup kubernetes will change the ownership of the volume to be owned by the pod.

  • The owning GID will be that of the fsGroup.
  • The setgid bit is set so that new files created in the volume are owned by the GID.
  • The permission bits are OR’d with rw-rw—- For more information refer to the kubernetes docs.